Advanced technologies for active and eco-friendly packaging

EcoPackLab prototype

The Project

EcoPackLab aims to create a sustainable and innovative packaging system for quality improvement of packed food during its storage. The project makes use of both University of Bologna laboratories and industrial supply chains, by means of an integrated and interdisciplinary approach on quality, safety, sustainability and logistics efficiency, that takes advantages of integrated and complementary knowledge in the various aspects of the food packaging area.

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- Creation of a pilot laboratory "network" for the design and production of new active and eco-friendly packaging, with pre-industrial validation;

- Creation of new flexible active packaging for the food industry, activated by antimicrobial and/or antioxidant active compounds;

- Application of cold plasma advanced technology to promote the adhesion of multi-layer flexible films, in place of synthetic adhesives and primers;

- Improvement of stability, quality characteristics and shelf-life extension of foods packed in the new active packaging solutions, thus reducing and/or avoiding the use of preservatives in their formulations;

- Improvement of logistics efficiency: reduction of costs and environmental impact of realized packaging.

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The EcoPackLab prototype

The prototype machine is able to produce films that can be tested by involved companies, through their own equipment. Partner companies may validate the new eco-friendly packaging solutions in their industrial production. Obtained feedback will be used for improvement and optimization actions.

EcoPackLab prototype front
EcoPackLab prototype side

Get in touch

We look forward to answering your requests for information and collaboration ideas. Please, send your contact request to

Collaborations of interest include: 

  1. development of eco-friendly packaging;
  2. new packaging validation via EcoPackLab prototype machine;
  3. participation in Europe-funded call for proposals




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