The innovative flexible packaging will be obtained by using a prototype machine starting from biodegradable polymeric materials, which will be selected and characterized from a chemical-physical point of view.

In line cold plasma treatments will be applied in order to activate the surface of the film for enzymes immobilization and to obtain the adhesion of the multi-layer flexible packaging.

The amount of immobilized enzyme, its activity and persistence will be assessed by means of bio-analytical methods.

The best active packaging solutions will be selected, also analyzing some relevant behaviors related to their interaction with food.

The best innovative packaging solution identified will be validated by shelf life tests for each food product selected. Obtained data will be elaborated applying appropriate shelf-life models.

In order to assess the quality performances of the product-packaging system from table to consumer, selected technologies, useful models and reliability engineering techniques (ALTA) will be applied.

Moreover, the Life Cycle Assessment analysis of product will be carried out. In particular, the environmental impact generated by new packaging solutions will be evaluated. Such analysis will include the technological process implemented to create the packaging system and the logistics chain type along which it will move.

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