The outcomes of the project are the implementation of demonstrators and technological solutions able to obtain a novel eco-compatible and active food packaging solution, characterized by performances able to increase stability, quality and prolong shelf-life of selected food products, while minimizing use of food preservatives and processing. Consequently, a benefit on reduction of food waste and losses is expected.

The prototype machine will be able to produce films that may be tested by involved companies, through their own equipment.

Partner companies may validate the new eco-friendly packaging solutions, in their industrial production. Obtained feedback will be used for improvement and optimization actions.

The main output of this project will be the fabrication of a sustainable package system, thanks to the collaboration between research and industry. This project will contribute also to the growth of new technical and professional skills in a perfect synergy between these two areas. 

The project is fully integrated in the food production system of the Emilia-Romagna Region, including many related processing and economic activities (production of plastic materials and containers, food packaging machines and equipment; activities related to food logistics).

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